The Government of Alberta is developing a 10-Year Tourism Strategy in partnership with Travel Alberta to diversify and grow Alberta’s tourism industry and its product offerings, expand visitor destinations, and boost year-round visits across the province. The strategy’s goal is to grow tourism spending in Alberta to $20 billion by 2030.

AHLA President & CEO Dave Kaiser and Board Chair Leanne Shaw participated the Edmonton and Calgary consultations, respectively.

To reach this very aggressive target, the AHLA has offered four recommendations:

  1. Repeal and replace the Tourism Levy to ensure funds are used only for tourism marketing and tourism product development.
  2. Any changes to the administration of Destination Marketing Fees (DMFs) should focus on driving tourism revenue and be done in consultation with Alberta’s hotel industry.
  3. Recognize Alberta’s film industry as a tourism driver that can contribute to the government’s goal.
  4. Recognize that Alberta’s museums and historic sites are important contributors to tourism, especially in rural and remote areas, further diversifying Alberta’s tourism economy.

Read the full letter submitted by the AHLA.

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