The AHLA’s Centennial year was one for the history books! In between advocating for changes to labour legislation and short-term rental regulations, preparing to deliver safety programming for hotels, and providing members with HR support and cost savings, we were still able to have a little (or a lot!) of fun with our Centennial celebrations. Read on to see what we did for our members in 2019!

Our First Century:

Look how far we’ve come!

  • Centennial Celebrations: Our Centennial Speakeasy at our last-ever Convention and our Winter Centennial Celebration were proof that our industry works hard AND plays hard!
  • Coming soon! AHLA’s Centennial publication: Now that the year is wrapped up, we’re finishing up our Centennial publication, which documents the association’s history and the legacies of hotel families and properties in Alberta. All members will receive a copy in the mail — watch for your copy in the spring!

A Renewed Focus on HR and Health & Safety:

The AHLA is now the official provider of health & safety training and resources for Alberta hotels. To ensure we continue to meet the needs of hotels, we have created a Human Resource Advisory Council to provide input on the AHLA’s HR and health & safety offerings. This advisory council is made up of General Managers and HR professionals from AHLA member hotels, and provides industry advice and input to inform the AHLA’s HR strategy, including the association’s mandate as a funded safety association. HR programming is a clear priority for the AHLA, so the council and our HR programs exist to enhance our members’ competitiveness in the changing workforce.

Government Relations:

In 2019, we successfully lobbied the government for:

We will continue to lobby the government for these, and other, issues affecting the hotel industry.

New Member Benefits!

2020 will bring great new benefits to AHLA members.

  • Free access to Tourism Works training videos to help you train and skill up your staff.
  • New training videos with David Lund, the Hotel Financial Coach. These affordable videos will improve your team’s understanding of your hotel’s financials, and how they can be improved with effective management.
  • Three new e-newsletters to ensure you and your team members stay abreast of the cost-saving programs the AHLA offers, important HR and safety updates, and the latest on our advocacy initiatives.
  • New criteria for Housekeeping Award eligibility — now all AHLA members will receive Housekeeping Reports and will be considered for a Housekeeping Award. The requirement to participate in Check In Canada has been eliminated.
  • Member discounts on our new professional development events:
    • Aspire, a one-day event for your supervisors and managers, on April 20 in Edmonton. Registration opens soon — watch our website and newsletters for more information.
    • Ascend, a 1.5-day event for Alberta’s hotel industry leaders on September 21-22.

Thank you to all of our members for your ongoing support. We look forward to serving you in 2020!