The Government of Alberta recently invited the AHLA to provide input on the application of the Tourism Levy to short-term rentals (STRs) secured through online platforms. The following recommendations were submitted on behalf of our members:

  1. Remove the restriction of the Tourism Levy applying only to operators with more than three rooms.
  2. Require online platforms to collect and remit the Tourism Levy on behalf of all host properties that offer lodging for purchase to ensure effective and efficient host compliance of the Act and regulations.
  3. Apply the Tourism Levy to all charges associated with the purchase of the accommodation, including fees for cleaning or pets, that may be charged in addition to a room fee.
  4. Require online platforms to file a return on behalf of all hosts that includes licence number and Tourism Levy calculation.
  5. Share host data collected from online platforms with municipalities that have enacted regulations pertaining to STRs to support enforcement of municipal regulations.

In general, the AHLA believes that the Tourism Levy should be applied equally to any provider of short-term accommodation. 

The AHLA will continue to work with the government and municipalities to ensure fair rules for STRs.

Read the full letter.


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