The AHLA has made several recommendations to the Honourable Grant Hunter, the Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction, to help increase efficiency regarding current labour policy in Alberta. The recommendations include the following:

Employment Standards:

  • Freezing minimum wage until Alberta’s economy recovers, and changing the way future minimum wage increases are calculated.
  • Restoring the minimum wage differential for liquor servers in food and beverage establishments because of their ability to earn significant income from gratuities.
  • Restoring the daily hours of work to a period of 16 hours per day, to permit workers to benefit from split shifts, and to allow employers to get maximum efficiency from employee housing.

Occupational Health & Safety:

  • Ensuring that health & safety requirements reflect industry conditions and hazard levels.
  • Eliminating regulations pertaining to the governance of Joint Worksite Health & Safety Committees, including the selection of co-chairs, quorum for decision making, and monthly meeting schedules.
  • Making Worksite Health and Safety Committee/Representative Training more accessible, including having available online, and simplified for people whose first language is not English.

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