In this week’s provincial budget announcement, Premier Kenney stated that the government intends to bring forward legislation in spring 2020 to apply the Alberta tourism levy to temporary accommodation providers.

“The AHLA has become increasingly concerned about the lack of fair rules for short-term rentals [STRs],” said Dave Kaiser, AHLA President & CEO. “We are pleased that the government has committed to level the playing between hotels and STRs with regards to the collection and remittance of the Tourism Levy.”

To facilitate the collection of the levy from STR operators, online marketplaces will be authorized to collect and remit the levy to government on each operator’s behalf. Government will work with online marketplaces to implement this change. This will enable efficient collection of the levy, and will allow the government to measure the scale of STR activity in Alberta.

The AHLA will continue to work with the provincial government as they prepare to bring forward this legislation.

On a municipal level, the AHLA will continue to advocate for fair rules in Alberta’s two largest cities, alongside Edmonton Destination Marketing Hotels, the Hotel Association of Greater Edmonton, and the Calgary Hotel Association. Councils from both cities are expected to consider further regulations for STRs in December.

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