Imagine this: It’s a beautiful summer day, and guests are enjoying a cool dip in your hotel’s pool. Like children will do, a six-year-old boy breaks into a run, and the next thing you hear is a sickening crack after he trips on a dip in the pool deck and his head hits the cement.

What seems like a small thing, such as a crack in the deck of your swimming pool, can lead to a whole lot of heartache for property owners and guests alike. Not only can a guest suffer potentially severe injuries, an unsafe environment can also open you up to liability issues. And of course, the reputation of your hotel may suffer as observers and injured guests start posting photos and comments on social media.

It’s important that your pool facilities and procedures are up-to-date in order to keep guests safe and to avoid any liability claims. Here are our top 10 things to look for to make sure your property’s pool, spa, and exercise room are safe:

  1. Do you have a pool inspection and maintenance schedule in place?
  2. Are pool and spa drain covers in place, secure, and in good condition?
  3. Are ladders and handrails secure and in good repair?
  4. Are there any tripping hazards near the pool, spa, and exercise areas?
  5. Are there any broken or cracked tiles on the pool deck or in the entrances?
  6. Are lifesaving devices (e.g., life rings, shepherd hooks) in place, highly visible, easily accessible, and in good condition?
  7. Is health and safety signage in place and clearly visible at the pool, spa, and exercise room?
  8. Is an emergency telephone or alarm button available in the pool area or at the front desk?
  9. Do you conduct water quality tests regularly (i.e., a bare minimum of three to five times a day), and do you log the results in case of a liability claim?
  10. If you have a waterslide, do you check it at least twice a year to ensure that the stairs, rails, and support structures are in good condition, and that the slide sections haven’t shifted or become misaligned?

Read Government of Alberta pool standards.

For more information on pool safety or to set up a risk management consultation for your pool facilities, contact Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions at 1-800-665-8990.