There are 47 new MLAs in the Legislature. As such, it is important that we work to educate them on the issues that are important to the tourism industry. We need to connect with all MLAs to build and foster relationships. By informing your elected representative about the role and importance of the tourism/hospitality industry in Alberta, you can help them see you as a trusted constituent.

The AHLA suggests that you:

  1. Contact the MLA for both your personal constituency and the one where the hotel is situated. If you are able to get a meeting with either or each of them, that is a win.
  2. Invite them for a tour of your property at their convenience. You may have better luck getting an earlier meeting if you are willing to go to their constituency office (usually Fridays are constituency days).
  3. Whether you go to them or they come to you, treat them like they are a guest or potential guest.
  4. Get to know your MLA & understand what is important to them (and their party).
  5. Inform them about the tourism & hospitality industry in Alberta. Remember that MLAs, their party, and the government have multiple stakeholders to satisfy. Don’t expect them to give you an answer or to commit to a position with you.
  6. Be respectful even if you don’t agree with their position.
  7. Thank them for meeting with you and remember that this is only one issue – there may be others in the future where their support and understanding is even more important.

We encourage you to connect with one or two other hoteliers in your area to try and arrange a meeting together.