The average Canadian Hotel can expect to receive in excess of 12 chargebacks per year, costing thousands of dollars in write-offs directly impacting your bottom line!

The average value of a credit card chargeback due to fraud is just over $600 in Canada.  It is critical that hotels review how they process credit cards upon guest check-in to mitigate this loss.

What is the real cost of chargebacks to your hotel?

For most hotels today, this means selling an extra five to ten room nights just to recover the cost of one chargeback. It is expensive, time consuming, wasteful, and unnecessary.

In fact, chargebacks due to fraudulent credit cards alone can add up to an additional 10 basis points on your card processing fees.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Hotels can significantly reduce their risk and exposure to most chargebacks, and stop the profit-bleeding by replacing magnetic swipe technology with EMV Chip & Pin technology at the Front Desk upon guest check-in.

National Payments specializes in credit card processing for hotels across Canada and is an innovative leader in Chargeback Best Practices and Prevention. Contact us today for a no obligation review of your current payment technology.

National Payments is nothing like your current card payment processor

  • We specialize in the hospitality sector, focusing on hotels, resorts, & food & beverage operations
  • Our goal is to be more like a trusted partner and less like an arms-length vendor
  • Our menu of products and services is dedicated to lowering your fraud risk, reducing chargebacks, and minimizing transaction processing issues while protecting your cash flow
  • We provide EMV Chip & pin solutions today that integrate with Opera, Lightspeed, SynXis, Maestro, IQWare, and others
  • We implement our systems onsite, and stay onsite until the system works to your satisfaction
  • Over the past four years alone, we have helped our clients lower their costs by over $2.5 million through better pricing, more appropriate technology, and best practices training