In an effort to better serve VLT retailers and gaming entertainment centres, and support the Alberta Lottery Fund, AGLC has updated the Liquor Licensee Handbook with VLT policy amendments that took effect January 1, 2019. Full policy changes can be viewed here. Below is a summary of the amendments:

Consumer demand assessment model
Net sales per terminal week will no longer be the only measure used to determine which VLT locations have the highest consumer demand. The goal of this change is to better determine where the location of additional machines will generate the most revenue to benefit the Alberta Lottery Fund.

Performance targets for retailers receiving additional VLTs
This amendment is a new initiative to ensure that retailers who receive additional VLTs are in fact generating incremental revenues. Operators will be provided with a performance target once any additional VLTs are online. If they are not able to generate sales equal to or above the target, the additional VLTs will be removed and provided to another operator. With the cap of 6000 VLTs in Alberta, it is important to ensure the right amount of VLTs are at the right locations.

Increase the maximum number of VLTs at core retailers
The new maximum is 14 VLTs at non Gaming Entertainment Centre (GEC) locations.

Increase the maximum number of VLTs at GECs
The new maximum number of VLTs at GECs is now 49.

Reduce policy restrictions on the removal of low consumer demand VLTs
The definition of “low volume” being the bottom 5% of retailers has been removed. This change gives AGLC more flexibility to address underperforming VLTs.

For questions regarding VLTs, contact the AHLA at 780.436.6112.