The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is evolving to serve our industry better. Historically, HAC members were hotel brands and provincial associations like the AHLA. In an effort to better serve Canadian hoteliers and the hospitality industry, your property can now become a direct, non-voting member of the Hotel Association of Canada.

How do I join HAC and what does it cost? 

If you are a branded property, your brand will come to you directly and ask if you would like to join HAC for an annual fee of $2 per room. If you are an unbranded property, the AHLA will approach you for HAC membership at $2 per room. HAC membership is optional; you are under no obligation to sign up.

Why should I join HAC? 

HAC is the voice of our industry at the federal level and lobbies the government on important issues like fair rules for short-term rentals. The work and research they do takes a lot of resources, and isn’t possible without industry support. With organizations like Airbnb putting millions of dollars into their own lobbying, having a strong national association is more important than ever. Click here for more information on HAC membership benefits.