As Alberta readies itself for the legalisation of cannabis, members are wondering how to handle it in their hotels. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Consumers must be 18+.
  • Cannabis may be purchased only from licensed stores or
  • 30 grams is the most that can be bought or carried at once.
  • Smoking will be prohibited in some public areas.
  • Driving high is illegal, and cannabis cannot be within reach of anyone in a vehicle.
  • Edibles are not yet legal to sell. The federal government plans to legalize them in the future.

What does this mean for your hotel?

  • Have a policy that covers impairment in the workplace as well as substance abuse. You may prohibit the use of marijuana at work and prohibit employees from attending work while impaired.
  • If you charge a fee for smoking in a non-smoking room, this policy should be clearly communicated to guests, whether they use tobacco or marijuana. Be sure to apply the Tourism Levy on any such fees.
  • Train your supervisors on how to recognize impairment and how to deal with persons they suspect may be impaired.

The AHLA Recommends:

You have a cannabis policy that is clearly communicated to guests. Communication ideas include:

  • Training front desk staff to go over the policy with guests at check-in.
  • Having signage at the front desk outlining your cannabis policy.
  • Indicating whether or not cannabis is prohibited on guest room key cards.
  • Installing signage in guest rooms that outline your cannabis policy and what the consequences are should a guest choose to smoke cannabis in their room; this is especially important for rooms where smoking is allowed.
  • Adding a section to reservation confirmation emails that outlines your cannabis policy.

The AHLA will continue to update information as cannabis is legalized and more details become available.

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