After much contemplation and discussion, the AHLA’s Board of Directors has approved significant changes that will improve our ability to respond to the realities challenging all associations. The AHLA, with guidance from governance experts and advice from our legal and financial counsel, has created a new, for-profit subsidiary, wholly owned by the AHLA. This company, which will report to the AHLA Board of Directors, will ensure our revenue generating programs deliver maximum benefit to the AHLA and its members. This new entity will be governed by a separate Board of Directors made up of individuals who have the business expertise and experience to ensure its success.

“This move will ensure the AHLA’s programs can compete against other suppliers, and help assure the sustainability of our association for years to come,” says Leanne Shaw, Chair of the AHLA’s Board of Directors.  “It will also allow the AHLA’s Board of Directors to focus its attention on important issues that impact our members – labour, taxation, tourism policy, and liquor & gaming.  We are excited about this change, and what it will mean for AHLA members.”