3 Questions Every Hotel Manager Should Ask Themselves

The AHLA’s Employer of Choice program has hoteliers thinking about HR practices in their hotels. Here are three questions that can help you assess your HR practices:

Who gets to be involved in decision making at our hotel?

Businesses that let employees participate in decisions that affect them have a higher level of employee engagement.  Invite and encourage your team members to participate in decision-making, especially when it comes to matters that affect them directly, like uniforms, scheduling, and work procedures. Your staff will see that they are an important part of the organization, and will feel more engaged in their work.  Some ways you can get staff input:

  • Have a suggestion box. This allows staff to have input even if they are too shy to speak up – and it’s totally free.
  • Talk to staff in different areas of the hotel at different times of the day. Ask them about the work they do – and really listen to their answers.
  • Conduct employee surveys. If you don’t have one, the Employer of Choice program includes a comprehensive staff survey you can use to get a feel for how employees like working for you.

How often do we review company policies and procedures with staff?

We recommend that all new hires are informed of hotel policies and procedures as part of their orientation. Review policies regularly to make sure your staff knows and understands them.

How do we manage employee performance?

Regular employee performance evaluations let you give staff one-on-one advice on where they are excelling, and what they can improve upon. You can also find out what your employee’s interests are, and if they’re interested in moving into more senior positions. Ensure that every employee meets with their manager or supervisor at least once a year to discuss their performance.  But don’t wait – be sure that employees get regular and specific feedback on the work they do.

You can be an Employer of Choice. Apply today to get a full report of what you’re doing well and where you can improve in your HR.