1.  Hotels are attractive targets for data breaches and ransomware attacks. The Hotel Security session, sponsored by Western Financial Group, will help you understand the risks and what you should do to protect your property.

2.  Cannabis is coming! We’re bringing together the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, the Alberta Hospitality Safety Association, and legal experts from Bennett Jones to give you straight answers on the opportunities & obligations created by the legalization of cannabis.

3.  You’re planning to make some changes, and want to check out the latest in furniture, fixtures, linens, and supplies at the Trade Show.

4.  Increases to minimum wage and changes to statutory holiday pay have hit your bottom line. Hotel Financial Coach David Lund is back to share his tools for controlling your labour expenses. You can even book a one on one session while he’s in Jasper!

5.  You’d like to hear how other hotel owners and managers are dealing with the same challenges you are.

6.  Find out how many more hotels are in the pipeline for your area at the Alberta Accommodation Outlook.

7.  You want to be sure you’re doing the right things when it comes to the Employment Standards Code.

8.  You want to understand how changes to the Labour Relations Code make it easier for unions to target your hotel, and how to keep your hotel from being targeted.

9.   You nominated two of your best employees for a Gold Key Award , and the AHLA is going to recognize them on April 17 for their contribution to Alberta’s tourism industry!

10.  You want to know what the NDP government has planned for the last year before the provincial election, and how hotels can influence Alberta’s political landscape.

11.  You know that investing in yourself is an investment in your business. Keynote speaker Michael Timms will inspire you to lead change, give you the tools to develop your staff, and help you to be a leader who has a lasting impact.