The City of Vancouver has passed legislation to regulate short-term rentals, allowing rentals only in one’s principal residence. This is great news for the hotel industry as this will eliminate the commercial side of Airbnb’s business (and other similar platforms) in Vancouver, which competes directly with hotels.

This legislation is critical because it sets a precedent for other Canadian cities. The City noted that enforcement is critical and it is their intention to ensure platforms are held accountable. The AHLA will continue to work with our members to advocate for similar legislation in communities around Alberta.

“This decision by the City of Vancouver to restrict short term rentals to residences is a great win for our industry and sets an important precedent for every municipality in Canada. This is the most important regulation required to curb the commercial activity facilitated by home-sharing platforms like Airbnb.”
-AHLA President & CEO Dave Kaiser

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC), in partnership with the British Columbia Hotel Association and the Hotel Association of Vancouver, launched a campaign in Vancouver the week before the public hearings, and their efforts were successful.

The AHLA commends the City of Vancouver on this move, and has made recommendations to the Government of Alberta that seek to create a level playing field and ensure the safety and comfort of guests, hosts, and neighbours.