123 Hotels Named Employers of Choice

The AHLA has announced this year’s list of Employer of Choice (EoC) designates. Employers who receive the designation have gone above and beyond minimum Human Resources requirements to create a safe and fair workplace, proving that their employees come first. Those who participated but did not achieve the designation have taken the first steps toward ensuring their property is a positive place for both employees and guests.

 “Employer of Choice award winners have proven their commitment to the well-being, safety, and satisfaction of their employees. They have gone above and beyond minimum requirements to take care of their employees and make their workplace the best it can be. Congratulations to each of this year’s outstanding employers.”
– Dave Kaiser, AHLA President & CEO

“Being an Employer of Choice provides an advantage in a competitive labour market, even during times of high unemployment rates. The Employer of Choice designation recognizes that we are strongly committed to HR and Health and Safety practices, which are of the utmost importance in a workplace and are highly valued by today’s workforce.”
– Melanie Behm, Human Resource Manager, Denham Hospitality Organization

“Carrying the designation attracts new candidates. As new candidates research a potential employer, they often choose one that has proven to treat their staff with respect and have sound policies in place. We select candidates that are proud to work in this industry, therefore we greatly recognize when they have selected us based on the fact that we carry the EoC designation. In addition, we use the data generated from the reports as an audit tool. It helps us determine if our HR policies are up-to-date and communicated adequately. We have used the reports to implement many changes to our protocols in the past. ”
– Andrea Schaetzle, Manager of Human Resources, The Rimrock Resort Hotel

EoC applicants complete an extensive audit of their HR practices, as well as an Employee Opinion Survey. Every property that completes an application is provided with a comprehensive report that recognizes what they are doing well and areas for improvement. Participation in Employer of Choice, regardless of the result, only makes a property better, supporting employers in their efforts to provide employees with the best workplace possible.

This year’s EoC properties represent 24% of hotel rooms in Alberta and employ 23% of hospitality employees in the province. The number of EoC recipients increases every year, and it is the AHLA’s goal for every member to achieve the EoC designation. This year’s outstanding employers will receive their award Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at the AHLA’s 97th Annual Convention.

For a complete list of 2016-17 EoC designates please visit https://www.ahla.ca/programs-services/awards-designations/employer-of-choice/.

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