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You Can Never Be Too Safe

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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers are visiting Alberta’s hotels and restaurants as part of a Vulnerable Worker Focused Inspection Program. Employers and supervisors have a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of their workers. When inspecting workplaces, OHS officers can issue tickets to both employers and workers [...]

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Carbon Levy Adds $200 per Room to Your Budget

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Alberta’s Carbon Levy is being put in place by the NDP government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The levy will be included in the consumer price of all fuels that emit greenhouse gases, including diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and propane. It will also affect electricity costs, but unlike natural gas, you will not see it [...]

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OTA & Home-sharing Recommendations to Government

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The AHLA met with the Honourable Minister of Culture and Tourism to present its position and recommendations to government on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the Short Term Online Rental Marketplace (STORM). "These issues are important for AHLA members, government, and consumers. Regulation is needed to level the playing field for businesses that have significantly invested in Alberta's [...]

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2016 Wage Survey Report Available!

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The results of the AHLA's 2016 Wage Survey are in! A total of 281 properties responded, and we've organized the data to help you budget to stay competitive. Overall, average wages for most in the accommodation and hospitality industry are well above the new $12.20/hour minimum wage. They are not expected to increase significantly, likely due to [...]

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Share your spooky hotel stories!

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Does your hotel have any ghostly guests or haunting tales? There are many hotels around the world that are proud to promote their haunted reputations in the name of Ghost Tourism. For example, Colorado's Stanley Hotel - famous for inspiring Stephen King's The Shining and said to be one of America's most haunted hotels - has been [...]

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