If you are an AHLA member, here are four good reasons why you definitely should participate in the Employer of Choice program:

  1. Happy staff = Happy guests. Discovering areas for improvement and the things that matter to your employees will help you improve the satisfaction of your team, which will in turn improve the satisfaction of your guests.
  2. Recruit and retain the best employees. Alberta’s accommodation industry continues to face labour challenges. Working toward achieving the Employer of Choice designation shows that your property is a great place to work.
  3. Show government and organized labour your employees come first. The provincial government does conduct workplace inspections at hotels, and organized labour activity does happen in hotels. Improve your HR practices and ensure your employees are safe and satisfied by demonstrating your commitment to creating a fair and healthy workplace.
  4. You can’t lose. The Employer of Choice program is not about receiving the designation; it’s about using the process to measure and enhance HR practices at your property. Every single property that completes the application receives a comprehensive report that recognizes what they are doing well and areas for improvement. Participating in Employer of Choice can only make your property better.

Applications open in the summer, and the deadline is the end of November. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Remember, the Guide for Great Employers exists to help you through the process, and you can call Zainub Siddiqui at 1.780.436.6112 x 249 with any questions you may have.